Building, Riding, and Maintaining Trails in Southeastern Virginia

Maniac 50k ride volunteer

Good afternoon everyone!

On Saturday May 10, there will be a 50k running race held at Freedom park on loops A, D, and E. The race starts at 6 am and is one loop on A, followed by several loops of D and E. We are looking for someone willing to ride the trails just ahead of the runners to double check for any major obstacles or issues (and clear the spiderwebs). You would need to ride A backwards and start just before 6am followed by D and E. It can be 1 person or a few people spread out between the 3 trails. If you are willing to ride that early and help out, please let us know!!

Keep in mind, trail A will be opened back up to riders by 8am (double check at the interpretive center if you ride that early) but D and E will be closed most of the day to riders until the race is over.
Thanks in advance for your help!


Easter riding conditions

Happy Easter Everyone!! It’s a beautiful day to ride! Freedom park trails are officially open! Please use good judgment on trail conditions elsewhere today! I don’t think the Williamsburg area got too much rain yesterday, but be cautious! Thanks!!Continue Reading

April meeting minutes

April 4th EVMA meeting minutes Insurance We have insurance now through K&K insurance which was recommended by IMBA. The cost was around $1900 and covers trail work, Storm clean up, reroutes, trail design and new building. Projects 402 trails could build us a jump line (similar to Bryce) at the long downhill fire road atContinue Reading

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