Building, Riding, and Maintaining Trails in Southeastern Virginia

April Meeting Minutes

EVMA April Meeting, held at Freedom Park on April 6, 2013

The following mission statement is likely to be the EVMA mission statement after some adjustments.
“The EVMA is united by a common interest in cycling and an active lifestyle. We foster the sport of mountain biking by building and maintaining environmentally responsible, sustainable trails, promoting responsible trail use and advocate cycling by sponsoring mountain bike rides and activities in our community.”
Determining the mission statement is critical to moving forward with EVMA club projects as it will provide guidance on the projects we wish to support and determine the manner in which we consider and move forward on projects.
The club president, Clair Walizer provided an overview of the organizational structure and demonstrated an outlined path to provide more information, structure and process to bring projects to fruition.

The Events Coordinator, Todd Smith provided a list of events that are listed below:

  • “Wednesdays on Your Wheel”, a youth racing series at Freedom Park on Wednesdays organized by Christie Bartels, May 8th and May 15th are the remaining race dates. Children need to be registered by 5pm on race day.
  • On April 20th, the Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series was held at New Quarter Park. Approximately 65 youths participated in races at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
  • Team Ruckus held a FreeRide clinic April 27th and 28th at Freedom Park. Several structures were created for the well-attended event.
  • The EVMA Spring camping trip to Douthat State Park will be held May 3rd through 5th. Kirk and Penny are coordinating the details around this semi-annual trip.
  • On May 4th there will be a 50k trail run at Freedom Park. Portions of Loop D and Loop E will be closed to riders for most of that Saturday.

Secretary, Evelyn Cooper provided the treasurer’s update:
Beginning Balance 3/2/13 $10,605.61
Deposits by type:
Memberships February $210.57
Memberships March $42.78
Trail Fund Donations $23.97
Total $277.32
Chainsaw Repair $56.76
Total $56.76
Ending Balance $10,826.17

An update on the EVMA website was provided; Sharon Oakley and Michael Munford have been working tirelessly to re-create the website on a new host. Sharon requests photos and links to Youtube clips be sent to the following address for inclusion on the website:

Trails Coordinator, Harry Carraway provided this update on our local trails:
EVMA Trail Captains
Freedom Park:
Trails A and B – Chris Sikes
Trail C – Mike Benton
Trails D and E – Shaun Strippel (New!)
Hardwood Mills Park -Jeff Bell and Mike Gross
Indian River Park – Glenn Lancrain
New Quarter Park – Sean Mathews and AJ Glidewell
Upper County Park – Tom Watkinson and Jim Irby
Wahrani Nature Trail – Robert Maye
York River State Park: Steve Dye (New!)
Marl Ravine trail – Rick Bartels
Bobcat Trail – Open
New Trails (Raptor Trail System) – Kirk Moore

Trails update: Freedom Park: JCC has approved plan for bridge replacement. The work will probably take one good weekend to complete, there are four smaller projects.
Harwood Mills: NN has requested signs at trails. Local boy scout troop may help with this project. Currently soliciting new trail names and names for the fire roads / multi-use trails. Fourth trail at Harwood Mills is in the works that will be an additional 4+ miles.
New Quarter Park: new trail captains, they have ideas for trail improvements to take care of wet spots and corners. Some work has already been completed.
Upper County Park: Some work will be needed for re-routes due to wear and water damage.
Harry is planning on giving a two week notice on major trail work.

Update from the Southside EVMA representative, Mike Buff:
InterCoastal Waterway path:
Phase 1 of the project (1.3 miles) is complete. Phase 2 of the project is underway. Thanks to the Mosquito control and additional 3 miles of trail have been cut.
Mike and his crew on the Southside have done a considerable amount of bench cut and placement of erosion control mats at Indian River State Park. Mike is reaching out to Team Ruckus for assistance with structures.
The Southside campground resort project has been proposed to the EVMA board and discussions around liabilities, responsibilities and access are underway.

May Group Rides:
Saturdays at New Quarter Park, 9am
Sundays at Freedom Park, 9am
The next meeting is Saturday, June 1 at Freedom Park at 12:30pm

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