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June Club meeting minutes

June club meeting minutes

Started with Kirk from FOYR talking
Skills park at York river (pump track) coming soon
50 riders signed in for pack the track but probably more on trail

Ann, FOYR guest talked about bike/horse etiquette
John blair trail crosses fire roads where the horses will be and it comes close to the hiking trails
**Mt bikers: Please be aware when you are close to the multi-use trails, be courteous when you see hikers and horses

John-park manager at York River
Also worried about how close hiking/biking trails are so he would like us to be careful
When entering the park please be wary of the driving speed (40mph then down to 25)

Penny-FOYR sponsored a raffle with gift certificates and a 50/50
if you join/renew either evma or friend of York river get 5 free tickets

EVMA meeting
Harry introduced evma
Andrew Butler new member introduced himself
Erin went over may minutes with a few updates (updates are mixed in below)
Crystal treasurer report (see below)
Dave-membership 208 currently active,
Harry trails
-havn’t done as much trail work because been wet and hot. Summer months won’t see as much trail work
-harwood mills thanks Mike Gross
-new signs installed
-several reroutes
-future plans with trail C (waiting on approval)
-possible new 8 miles (long term plans)
-Boy Scout completed eagle badge by installing pavers as erosion control at bridge 5
-***July 1st trail D and E will be reversed for 1 month should be well marked
-question about doing marl ravine at York River-we will wait to see response from freedom then decide on other trails
-York river state park
-pump track
-trail signs are in the works
-elevation challenged but still working on first landing state park
-need mt bikers to join friends of first landing state park to help the club get involved, get foot in door
-Steve Nevins thinks a testimonial from land managers could help

-New membership drives
-no wifi at York river still can do it
-freedom is great
-t-shirts are in the works and should be ordered in coming couple of weeks
-also looking at purchasing some beer/soda koozies

Festival: Dirtfest has officialy been renamed to Eastern Virginia Mountain bike festival
-Sept 13 at freedom
Douthat: fall will be at douthat Third weekend of September (Sept 19-21)
-cost will now be $40
-pot luck night one
-spaghetti dinner Saturday night
If anyone wants to arrive early to douthat, several people are planning a side trip to snowshoe and another location
Spring camping next year: Will change the location based on survey results: Raystown and warrior creek are the 2 places that have come up the most in conversation but no one at the meeting raised their hand for a preference.

June Group rides: Ride leaders are covered Jim Irby and Penny Rich
Saturday-York River 9am
Sunday- New quarter 9am

June 22nd- Sunday group ride to Pocahontas meet at 10am at the heritage center or can car pool meet at norge park and ride at 9am, possibly grab lunch afterward

July group rides: need ride leaders, please let jim irby know if you would like to be a leader (
Saturday: new quarter
Sunday freedom

July 19th walnut creek-Saturday harry group ride meet at park at 10am blue mt brewery after for lunch, can swim as well

Holiday weekends the club will not have official group rides (July 4th and labor day)
3rd sat each month penny will do a ladies ride wherever the club group ride is
August 23rd Bryce day trip -3hr trip, meet at park around 10

Bike Beat has a promotion while supplies last: get half price ticket to Bryce when you buy any bontrager or trek products

The Wednesday on your wheels was a great success, thanks Crystal and everyone else involved

No july club meeting, august at freedom

Survey will close june 15th

EVMA Treasurer’s Report- May 2014

Deposit 275.00
Disbursement 11.33 (Paypal Fees)

Trail Fund
Deposit 0
Disbursement 180.00

Deposit 0
Disbursement 113.03

Deposit 0
Disbursement 579.86

General Fund Total 3,436.97

Trail Fund 5,358.21

Checking Total 8,795.18

Savings Total 323.00

May 14, 2014 meeting minutes

May 14, 2014 Club Meeting Trails The club is considering switching the direction of trails D and E for 1 month. This will be a way of changing things up, and if it works, considering this at other trails. York River group rides Saturday- group ride leaders are needed!! New quarter Sunday-stay after to watchContinue Reading

April meeting minutes

April 4th EVMA meeting minutes Insurance We have insurance now through K&K insurance which was recommended by IMBA. The cost was around $1900 and covers trail work, Storm clean up, reroutes, trail design and new building. Projects 402 trails could build us a jump line (similar to Bryce) at the long downhill fire road atContinue Reading

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