Building, Riding, and Maintaining Trails in Southeastern Virginia

December Membership Meeting Minutes

EVMA Meeting Minutes

Freedom Park, December 7, 2013

Next membership meeting, January 4th at Freedom Park

 President’s update:

  • Taxes are being filed. Per H&R Block if EVMA owes any back taxes, H&R Block will go through process to file for forgiveness. Currently we should be operating as a business. The EVMA needs to file taxes and items for sale i.e. t-shirts and jerseys will be taxed at 5%. 
  • Does the club want to be a 501c3 or 501c7
  • Benefit of 501c3- Donations may be claimed on taxes as a charitable contribution.
  • Con of 501c3- Club Camping Trip-may not be able to use club funds to pay for trip. Members may have to pay for trip. Could this possibly fall under advocacy?
  • Insurance coverage- IMBA is looking for new insurance carrier. Previous company underwriter decided too much risk involved.
  • Discussed waivers and need for them to be signed at group rides. Have waiver that could possibly be used with some changes. May make available on website for ride leaders to print.
  • MOU update – New Kent and New Quarter still need modifications

Membership Votes:

  • Dues increase to $25.00 per member with elimination of family option. To cover increase in insurance costs.  Members voted YES.
  • Kids are free up to 18 y/o, unlimited children. Members should not put names of family members that do not ride, as the club will be charged per member for insurance.
  • Will go into effect January 1st 2014.
  • Vote to accept Crystal Richardson as Treasurer-members voted YES
  • EVMA to move bank account from Suntrust Bank, to Bayport Credit Union. Members voted YES

Membership Update:

  • Please renew membership at Membership email list will be purged of expired memberships as of January 1st.

Trails Update:

  • Still trying to inventory all tools. Todd and Harry to work on sending out note to any members who may have tools.
  • YRSP-good progress, new 6 miles is cleared
  • Upper County- Dec. 15th Trail Maintenance scheduled; meet at 9:00. Jim Irby contact
  • Harwood Mills- Mike Gross reports that we have a new contact at Harwood- Park Ranger Tom Donahue. Ranger Donahue is allowing chain saws to be used by the rangers at Harwood- which will be great help with trail maintenance. Still working on new signage and additional 8 miles.

 First Landing Park:

People riding illegally on hiking trails- EVMA trying to discourage riders. Requesting assistance for developing multi-use trails. Hoping this will help EVMA get foot in door to putting legal trails at park.


  • Working on location for Winter Social-membership drive.
  • Tentative dates are Jan 26th and Feb 2nd.


  • Connie Farley agreed to be in charge of Food Committee for monthly meetings a volunteer list is being developed.
  • President mentioned Board Elections in March. Will need to form election committee per EVMA bylaws
  • President to work on setting up CPR/First Aid class, as Parks require members using heavy equipment have this certification. Marlie may be able to lead this class.

18 members in attendance

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