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January EVMA Membership Meeting Minutes

EVMA Membership Meeting January 4, 2014
Freedom Park 28 members in attendance

- 501c3 update: We should have 501c3 status by the end of January.
- Insurance update: New 12 month policy should be issued effective 3/1/2014 Current insurance is good until March, the cost is approximately $9.00 per members.
- MOUs: MOUs still being resolved with two parks
- Project with JCC using dirt and small equipment: This project is in discussion with JCC. Hope to use some equipment and dirt to add flow to trail A at Freedom. Opportunity to learn use of trail building equipment.
- CPR class in February: Seeking 6 to 10 individuals for CPR certification or renewal. The board will reach out to individuals to fill class
Need to establish members holding American Red Cross CPR certification and the level of certification.

- Elections and Annual Meeting are in March (March 1), seeking volunteers for the board

- Freeride clinics on March 8th and April 12th
-January Group Rides:
Saturdays 10:00 am New Quarter Park Sundays 10:00 am York River State Park Tuesdays 6:00 pm Harwood’s Mill Park Wednesdays 6:00 pm Indian River Park or New Quarter Park Thursdays 6:00 pm Freedom Park

- Trails Update
YRSP: Thanks to the crews headed up by Kirk and Penny who have worked tirelessly. Trails at YRSP are connected and final bench cuts have been completed today. Total is 12.25 miles. Minor trimming and tweaking remains.

Upper County: Thank you to Jim Irby and Tony Watkinson for repair work including tree and root removal went well

First Landing State Park Needs help with multi use trails. EVMA can help with trail as an outreach showing that we are group partners.
Seeking volunteers to head up a trail work day as public service, good PR
Possibility of renting a van to or carpooling transport a large group of people

New Quarter Park: Kids Trail will be used for kids races. Thank you Beav and Crystal for your work on this. The trail needs some bench cuts completed. 3 sections, whole trail is 0.8 mi. Kids Races start in April, a series of 5 races.

- Membership: 14 new or renewing members in November and December

The board is seeking input from membership on club direction and accomplishing our mission, before the next meeting to be held February 1.
Establish a by-law committee relating to board terms: Board terms may be revised for two year terms with an option for one re-election.
-This may help with completing projects and maintaining continuity. Alternatively have new board members come in in a staggered manner.
-Another way to approach this would be to have one of the Vice Presidents serve one term as VP and the next term as president

- Update on Winter Social
Crystal will head up the Winter Social with five volunteers assisting.
Date: March 1 from 6 to 10pm
Location: Kiln Creek Community Center
Purpose: Annual Meeting and elections, membership drive with donations accepted
Motion was voted on and passed

Pack the Track: a joint effort w/Friends of YRSP, National Trails Day for June 7th or 8th, membership meeting will be held at this event

February 22 is the Recreation Destination Expo, Mandy and Shawn Mullins. Todd will give them banners and Harry will provide maps.

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