Building, Riding, and Maintaining Trails in Southeastern Virginia

Did you enjoy riding your mountain bike last weekend? Have you wondered who builds and takes care of these trails in our area? It is Eastern Virginia Mountain Bike Association (EVMA), which is a group of mountain biking enthusiasts just like you. EVMA was formed 25 years ago by a handful of dedicated mountain bikers, prior to the days of any suspension, who decided they wanted to build, ride and maintain trails in the Greater Williamsburg area by working with the local city, county and state officials. Back then, we only had about 12 miles of mountain biking trails in the area that lacked maintenance or design to manage erosion or flow.

Today we have about 150 members and need to grow to the next level. We would like to make this a Mountain Biking Mecca, where people will come to ride mountain bikes. We would like to obtain a grant to build a great flow trail in the area, but we need more local support. Currently we have about 100 miles of trail that have all been built by hand, and not many hands at that. We need your help! Why not become a member? Our annual dues are $25 per individual or $40 per family. Most of the bike shops in our area give a 10% discount to current members. We have all kinds of fun events that we do all year long, like camping trips, group rides, day trips, skills courses and “Dirtfest”. Please do not wait any longer; you are missing out on a lot of action! Join today and we look forward to meeting you on the trail!

If you have difficulty with the form below, you can also join via this link.

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