Building, Riding, and Maintaining Trails in Southeastern Virginia

Sept 10 weekly update

Good evening everyone!! It was great to see some of you this past saturday for the club meeting, and to meet some new members. Look for the meeting minutes to be posted sometime in the next couple of days. Group rides for this month will be at York River State park on saturday and newContinue Reading

Group Ride Saturday, Sept 6th

Sorry for any confusion but the group ride this Saturday at New Quarter Park will begin at 10am (NOT 9am). See you at 10 in the parking lot!!

September 3rd weekly update

Good evening everyone and happy september! Join us this saturday at new quarter park for our club meeting and group ride. The group ride will begin at 9am, and the club meeting will follow lunch (lunch at noon, meeting at 12:30). Shelter #2 where we will be set up at. EVMA tee shirts are here.Continue Reading

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