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Weekly Update April 22nd

April 22, 2015 3:39 PM | Deleted user

Good Afternoon, EVMA Members!

Here's what's happening this week in the fascinating world of local mountain biking:

Group Rides - there are no group rides this week

  • Marl Ravine Trail remains reversed thru April.
  • Upper County  is next to a hunt club & it's turkey season. There is a land dispute, which means hunters may wander into the park. Hunters do not wear blaze orange in the spring. Exercise caution!
  • Heavy Winds are bringing lots of limbs down. Stop and drag a couple off of the trail if you have the time! 
Upcoming Events
  • The Burning of the Socks  April 25th 10 am to noon - York River State Park is hosting The Burning of the Socks to celebrate the beginning canoe season. Bring your old socks to burn and then take your canoe out.  Kirk and Penny will be leading group rides for those who prefer two-wheeled land-boats. 
  • Spring Camping Trip  April 30th thru May 3rd  We still have room, be a happy camper &  SIGN UP
Volunteer! *We especially have a need volunteers at NQP on May 2nd!*
  • New Quarter Park 30th Year Celebration*  Saturday, May 2nd. We are still looking for volunteers to help out with this event. VOLUNTEER
  • Kids to Park Day at YRSP May 16th -  Group rides, grilling lunch. Volunteers needed to lead rides at 9:00 & grill lunch 11:30 to noon. Contact Penny Rich or Kirk Moore to volunteer.
  • Be a ride leader  This one is easy. No ride leading is actually required, but "Ride Leader" sounds better than "Clip Board Monkey", so we went with it.  Bring a clip board with a sign-in page & collect the signatures of riders participating in the EVMA group ride. Contact Penny Rich to volunteer.
  • Be a Trail Captain  We need a Trail Captain for New Quarter Park. Ride the trail once a month, report conditions and hazards, and log volunteer hours. Contact Jim Irby to volunteer or get more details.
  • Events Coordinator needed contact Jim Irby  for more info, or to volunteer.
  • Fall Trip Organizer needed. Mostly involves showing up at  the park and guiding parking, etc. . .  Once again, email Jim Irby to volunteer.
Enjoy your week & keep the rubber side down!

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