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New Quarter Park


1000 Lakeshead Drive

Williamsburg, VA 23185


 This is another great trail built and maintained by the Eastern Virginia Mountainbike Association (www.evma.org). Part of the Confederate Defensive Line was on this property and there are three Civil War dugouts clearly visible in the first mile of the trail. Please respect the area’s history by not disturbing them. The trail is a 5.8 mile singletrack loop designed to be ridden counter-clockwise and is suitable for intermediate riders. Beginners will have trouble negotiating some of the tight turns and climbs, but there’s nothing dangerous to contend with. All the obstacles are either reasonable or have a ride-around. The first 3 miles follow the contours of a ravine which runs from the parking lot to the park entrance and there is barely a flat section in it – you’re going up or you’re going down! Most of the trail has good flow and sweeping turns, but there are some tight turns on downhill sections to watch out for. Once you know the trail you can carry your speed. Most of the climbing in this section of the trail is between milepost 2 and milepost 3. The second half of the trail returns to the parking lot closer to the treeline. There is less climbing and fewer sharp turns, but still enough challenge to hold your interest. The trail has an offshoot a little way past the 3 mile post. Go straight for a shortcut or turn right for more of a challenge. At the next split in the trail, go left for a large log pile, or right to detour around it. After a double switchback climb and an uprooted tree made into a smooth ride-over is about the only flat area of the trail. It’s fast and fun so make the most of it because there’s more climbing ahead. When you get to bumps like plow furrows you’re almost done. If you’ve missed riding at Waller Mill since Hurricane Isabel, you need to check out this trail.


From I-64 take exit 242A on to Route 199. After about a mile look for large green sign “143 Williamsburg” and take that exit bearing right onto Merrimac Trail heading toward Williamsburg. Turn right at the traffic light past the 7-11 Store (about 1.3 miles) onto Penniman Drive. Pass the school and take the next left onto Hubbard Lane. After about 1 mile+ turn right onto Lakeshead Drive. There is a green sign for New Quarter Park at the intersection of Hubbard and Lakeshead. Lakeshead Drive ends at the park (a little over a mile).

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