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Weekly Update May 6th

May 06, 2015 10:35 AM | Deleted user

Good Afternoon, EVMA Members!

Here's what's happening this week in the awesome world of local mountain biking:

Raystown Lake Report: Our trip to Raystown Lake, PA was a great success. We couldn't have asked for better weather or trail conditions.  It was a long drive, 5.5 from Williamsburg, but well worth it. THANK YOU to all that helped: Eric Van Dusen and Joe Klingshirn for making the reservation and acting as guides; Penny Rich for making sauce for dinner; Mike and Joan Benton, Justin Hlavin, Scott Reynolds for helping with dinner; It was great meeting the folks from New Jersey, Don, Stacy, Jim, Brent, Kim, Maggie. Definitely going back! 

Fall Trip Planning: It is time to make a reservation for the fall trip to Douthat State Park. Looking at the calendar, weekends of Sept 11th or 18th.  Please check the top post on our Facebook page to offer an opinion on which is better and if you might attend. Remember the UCI World Championships are in Richmond Sept 19th through 27th. Several people will be attending.

Group Rides 

  • May 9th 6:00 am Dexter Klock and Jim Irby will be riding Freedom A backwards, and  D and E forwards, to clear trails of spider webs prior to the trail foot race. Come join!
  • May 9th 9:00 am Dirt Divas and Beginner Mountain Bike Rides on C Loop at Freedom Park.
  • May 10th 9:00 am Harwood Mills
  • May 16th 9:00 am Group Rides & Beginner Women's Ride at YRSP Kids to Parks Day
  • May 17th 9:00 am Harwood Mills

  • Snakes like to lay in the sun. And, where is the sun? In the middle of the trail!  Most snakes are harmless, but all of our trails are in Copperhead habitat. Keep a sharp eye out, and learn friend from foe at the Virginia Herpetological Society website, but please don't harm any snakes.
  • Freedom Park  D and E trails closed all day Saturday May 9th for single track Maniac Run. Trail A will be closed until 11:00am If you're riding Freedom Park this week, please take a moment to clear small limbs from the trail, and report downed trees via email or Facebook post, so they can be removed before Saturday. Thanks!

Upcoming Events
  • May is Bike Month  Many cycling groups are having events & rides throughout the month - Google it!  Many events are shown on the calendar here.
  • Kids to Parks Day YRSP May 17th Group rides at 9:00 and hot dogs/ lunch at Noon. Beginner Women's Ride at 9:00am. See volunteer opportunities below.
  • June 6th EVMA Club Meeting Noon at Freedom Park. Dirt Divas & Beginner Mountain Bike Rides at 9:00 AM

  • Kids to Park Day at YRSP May 16th -  Group rides, grilling lunch. Volunteers needed to lead rides at 9:00 & grill lunch 11:30 to noon. Contact Penny Rich or Kirk Moore to volunteer. There will be a Beginner Women's Ride at 9:00 AM
  • Be a ride leader  This one is easy. No ride leading is actually required, but "Ride Leader" sounds better than "Clip Board Monkey", so we went with it.  Bring a clip board with a sign-in page & collect the signatures of riders participating in the EVMA group ride. Contact Penny Rich to volunteer.
  • Events Coordinator needed contact Jim Irby  for more info, or to volunteer.
  • Fall Trip Organizer needed. Mostly involves showing up at  the park and guiding parking, etc. . .  Once again, email Jim Irby to volunteer.
Enjoy your week & Happy Bike Month!

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