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December 5th Meeting Minutes & Weekly Update

December 08, 2015 2:53 PM | Deleted user

EVMA Membership Meeting Minutes,  Saturday, December 5th, 2015

1.)  Elections  

According to our bylaws, we must hold an annual election of club officers. Volunteer or nominate someone by contacting any current EVMA Board member. All positions were unopposed, and officers confirmed without a vote

2016 Club Officers:

President:  Jim Irby

Group Ride Coordinator:  Penelope Rich

Trails Committee (replaces former VP position):  Eric VanDussen, Eric Mason & Mike Gross

Treasurer: Kurt Bradley

Secretary:  Elisa Panetta 

Thank you, Harry Carraway, for three years of outstanding service as the VP of Trails! 

2.) 2016 Proposed Budget


                                        Dec 1st        General Fund   $3701         Trail Fund    $6390

                                                                           2015                                          2016

Administrative & Advertising

Insurance                                                      $1750                                       $2200 to 2600 

Wild Apricot                                                    $540                                         $540

Domain                                                             $38                                           $38

PO Box                                                           $148                                         $148

IMBA                                                               $100 Dec                                  $100

SCC Fee                                                            $25                                          $25

Flyers and Stamps                                           $136

Stickers/Cards                                                  $334.50             

Total                                                               $3071.5                                   $3051 to 3451

Based on 160 members, administrative cost is $19 to 21.50 per member. 

Income from dues would be approximately $4000

Program support:

York County Youth Race (WOYW) $200

NICA Team $200

Proposed Trail Fund expenses

Wahrani Bridge repair $1000

Freeride $500 (Donation from Leibherr)

YRSP Pump Track $500

**Insurance It's helpful to remove family members that do not ride club events from your family membership - See insurance below

3.) Winter Solstice Chili Cook Off & Ride December 20th at Freedom Park

Ride 4pm - 6pm Party Starts at 6:30. Judging starts at 7pm. We have ABC permit - BYOB Sheila & Penny organizing. See the Facebook Event Page for more details. EVMA members and their guests only.

4.) Night Rides
  • Weekly Night Rides  6pm weeknight rides have started. 
    • RULES
      • Helmets and lights are required & spare lights are recommended (if your main light dies, and you don't have a spare, it's a long, dark, walk out). 
      • The buddy system is in effect for all rides (ride with a friend), and 
      • Riders must be off of the trails by 7:30, the group needs to make sure all riders have returned to their cars, and cars must be out of the park by 8pm. 
    • Rides are: 
    • Tuesdays at Harwood Mill - See the Ride Leader for a parking pass to display in your window. 
    • Wednesdays at New Quarter Park - park in the first parking lot.
    • Thursdays at Freedom Park. Cars MUST be completely out of the park by 8pm so gates can be locked. Todd Smith has volunteered to lead
    • 5pm At YRSP. Weekend Parking fee of $3 per vehicle applies. See ride leader for EVMA placard to place in window: 
      Saturday, December 12: Special Bonus Stargazer Night, Almost no moon  Facebook Event Page
      Saturday, January 2:  Happy New Year
      Saturday, January 23: Almost Full Moon
      Saturday, February 20: Almost Full Moon
      Saturday, March 19
  • Non-members may attend one ride as a guest, then must join the EVMA to continue attend. Riders who are not part of the EVMA group are trespassing, with the exception of Freedom Park.  

5.)  Group Rides & Meetings Through the Winter

  • Sunday, December 6th 10am New Quarter Park
  • Saturday, December 19th 10am York River State Park
  • Sunday, December 20th 4pm - Chili Cook Off Night 
  • Friday, January 1st 10am & 1pm York River State Park
  • Saturday, January 2nd - No meeting or scheduled rides due to Holiday Weekend
  • January & February - no scheduled rides, pick up rides can be posted on EVMA Chatter
Non-Members Attending Group Rides - A decision was made that non-members may attend one ride as a guest, then must join the EVMA to continue attend, due to our insurance only covering EVMA members. The Dirt Divas & Beginner rides held at Freedom Park are James City County Events, and excepted from this rule, as are Freedom Park night riders who are not riding with the EVMA group.

Next Meeting:  January 30th 12noon at Freedom Park 

6.)  Future Trips 

Our next trip is tentatively scheduled for April 28th - May 2nd, 2016 to Raystown Lake, PA, (cost to be determined).  Other 2016 trips to consider are Douthat (fall), Stokesville $10/ person/ day or $30 for a Family. Facebook Poll. 

7.) Trails

  • Harwood Mill - Mike Gross has flagged a connector trail from A to B and was submitted it to Newport News and has been approved. January 9 & 10 Trail work Days.
  • Freedom Park - Go Ape is looking did trail work on D, did great job.  A needs trees trimmed. Fourth bridge on A. Five foot drop no longer beginner according to IMBA need to make trail naturally go to the bypass. Log over on E at angle needs straightened. C loop walk through with County Mgmt in January. Leaning tree on D.
  • York River State Park - Will be CLOSED Dec 7th & 8th for Wounded Warrior Hunt (deer culling). Chainsaw training will be scheduled soon for anyone who performs maintenance involving chainsaws. Contact  Jim Irby to sign up.  Bobcat, John Blair, Laurel Glen Main, blown off . Reverse Marl February & March. Two loads of dirt has been delivered to the pump track. 1st Workday had seven attendees. Another workday Saturday, December 12 at 9am. 
  • New Quarter - Bridge in last quarter needs repair. Mike Gross is working on a plan for maintenance. A trail Captain is needed - there is a possibility of Co-captains, Lisa Youngers & her Husband, and Brian (Beav) might be able to split the responsibilities. Jim Irby to follow up.
  • Wahrani - Fred Mathews has asked for trail projects to maintain his Master Naturalist certification. We will include him on upcoming maintenance projects. We need to start buying lumber for bridge restoration. There are five 16' bridges, five 12' bridges, and one 8' extension needed. $1,000 has been budgeted for this work.
  • Upper County Park - TRAIL CLOSED until it can be rerouted. Once an accurate map is available, we can meet with park staff and plan work. At least three more months of closure.
  • Indian River Park - Scott Reynolds has stepped up to assist with maintenance. No new news on development. Eric Mason will help draft an agreement to present to park mgmt.
Insurance Notes 
  • Family Membership Holders: You can help reduce the club's insurance costs by removing family members that do not ride club events from your official membership record, as we are required to provide ride insurance for all listed members, even those who do not ride. All family members are still welcome to attend EVMA events, and can be added back to the family membership at no charge once they begin to ride EVMA group rides. Edit Your Family Membership Record

This concludes the meeting minutes. Other news & Events:


  1. Upper County Park trail is CLOSED due to a property dispute. We will be working with the park to reroute the trail once accurate park boundaries have been determined.
  2. York River State Park will be CLOSED  December 7th - 8th for the Wounded Warrior Hunt (annual culling of the deer population) 
  3.  We are looking for photos of any of our parks to update the EVMA website. Send Photos to Jim Irby.


  • Make Your Own Group Ride Get your buddies together for a ride using the EVMA Chatter page.
  • Winter Solstice Chili Cook Off & Ride December 20th at Freedom Park

    Ride 4pm - 6pm Party Starts at 6:30. Judging starts at 7pm. We have ABC permit - BYOB Sheila & Penny organizing. See the Facebook Event Page for more details. EVMA members and their guests only.

  • Next Meeting:  January 30th 12noon at Freedom Park 


  • Membership is down. We will continue to encourage our members to renew, and will request that bike shops check EVMA membership cards before extending the 10% EVMA discount. If you have misplaced your card, contact us to request a new one.  Our inexpensive membership dues are an important source of revenue used for trail maintenance and improvements. In the coming year we'll be working on plans to extend the trail network at Harwood Mills, make bridge improvements at Wahrani and York River State Park, general trail repair at New Quarter Park, and extend rock gardens on the Marl Ravine Trail. Plus, you receive this awesome email with weekly news! :-)  It's fast and easy to renew your membership online at the EVMA website, and help keep mountain bike trail advocacy rolling for all of us. Renew Now 

Enjoy your week & ride lots!

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