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  • January 22, 2015 8:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     Good evening all! 

    This weekend's group rides will be at New quarter Park on saturday and Warhani on sunday! We hope to see many of you there. You have this weekend and saturday of next weekend to get in your group rides for this month's challenge. Once you've ridden 1 saturday AND 1 sunday group ride, be sure to email evmachallenge@evma.org to get credit and earn your first certificate of the year. 

    On the 31st there will be a trail building (rerouting) day at Harwood Mill.  If you are interested in helping out, meet in the parking lot at 8:45 and bring some work gloves, water, a rake, and if you have one, a leaf blower. 

     THe EVMA Spring Camping Trip will be to Raystown PA.  We are heading to the  http://www.allegrippistrails.com/home
    We will be camping April 30 to May 3 at Seven Points campground, Raystown Lake. Cost is $40 per tent and $50 per camper/RV.
    This should cover camping and group dinner Saturday night. Space is limited. Registration is open.
    Jersey Orders will be taken through February 14th. All items must be paid for before ordering.
    You can check out the different styles of tops at  http://www.champ-sys.com/cycling/ , click custom cycling collection.
    We are ordering tops (jerseys, jackets, wind breakers, etc)  Send an email to advocate@evma.org with your order. 
    The Winter Social is just 2 weeks away on February 8th from 6 to 9pm at the Coventry Club House: 100 Wrought Iron Bend Yorktown, VA
    EVMA will provide light food, beer, wine and soft drinks and a suggested donation of $10 will be collected at door.
    This is a members, spouses and invited guest event only and you may renew or join at the door.  Please register so we can get a count at  http://evma.wildapricot.org/event-1814531 or on the EVMA Facebook page, Winter Social event
    Check out the  http://evma.wildapricot.org/ web page. Mike Mumford is working hard to update the page. You should register and make sure
    all your information is correct.

    See everyone out on the trails!
  • January 08, 2015 2:40 PM | Anonymous

    Good afternoon EVMA! There is a lot going on and this updated includes the meeting minutes from this past Saturday so please bear with me! I hope you will glance through it all!

    For the month of January, group Rides will be at new quarter on Saturday, and Warhani on Sunday. If you ride on Sunday with the group, bring along some loppers or something to help do a little trimming. There is no formal trail maintenance but it does need a little TLC. This is a perfect opportunity to partly fulfill the January Challenge along with one of the longer term challenges for maintenance.

    Speaking of the challenges, keep in mind we have kicked off the brand new EVMA Challenge. An event page has been created on EVMA’s facebook page for it. I have once again included the details of the challenge and the end of this post. Each month we invite you to participate and earn some bragging rights. Along with the challenge, we have created a group on bikejournal.com to track all of EVMA’s miles. You need to signup and create your own user name, but you can log all of your miles on this one page. We are challenging EVMA to log

    Connie Farley is going to host a ladies beginner ride at New Quarter this Saturday at 10am. With the new year started, this is a great opportunity to meet like minded ladies that will help keep you motivated!

    The long skinny drop on loop A at freedom park has been worked on and changed a little. The wood was beginning to rot but Mike Benton and a few friends were able to fix it up nicely. If you like skinnies check it out!!

    The winter social is coming up in February (8th) at the Coventry community club. Come out and join us for an evening of relaxing, eating, and mountain bike talk. We will have some entertainment, along with the photo contest. Submit yoru photo’s now!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/EVMA-Photo-Contest/482177618559534

    Freedom park is once again hosting a Dirt Diva’s ride the 1st Saturday of the month (except april, it will be the 2nd). Any of you ladies out there whether you are a beginner or advanced rider should join us!
    There will also be a beginner ride during this time whether you are male or female. If you or anyone you know is new to mt biking or just wants to give it a try this is a great opportunity! All that’s required is a bike and helmet!

    If you are interested in being part of the trail council and would like to have more of a voice in the progress of our trails, join us this Sunday January 11th from 530-7pm at freedom park. The inside room has been reserved to discuss a trail rating system, trail characteristics, and trail captain responsibilities. We hope to see a bunch of you there. It will be a great open forum for ideas.

    The Jersey order has not yielded enough yet to place an order. We will be extending the order deadline to February 8th. If you are interested in ordering a jersey, go to http://www.champ-sys.com/cycling/ for item descriptions. Short sleeve jersey is $55, long sleeve is $66, long sleeve fleece is $95 and wind jacket is $65. All items must be paid for before order is placed, or they will not be ordered. To place your order you may email advocate@evma.org with your item and size.

    Kirk Moore is working on the Pump Track and York River State Park and has approached EVMA for help. After a lengthy back and forth discussion, EVMA has pledged $500 to the pump track, with the stipulation that another $500 will be attained from some other funding source. EVMA would like to do it’s best to do some fundraising to raise this $500.

    YRSP would like to conduct a “bring your kids mt biking” on Saturday, May 16th. It will be sanctioned by the park but they are hoping for help from EVMA in the following areas:
    Sign as volunteers for the park
    Ride leader,
    Skills clinic
    Drinks, cookout
    Table membership drive/sell products
    Advertise wowy
    Saturday group ride that day too

    Our spring camping trip will be to Raystown at the end of April (April 30th-May 3rd). We are starting to get interest, but we need to have a general head count before we can set up registration. If you are interested in going and have not done so yet, please email Jim Irby at advocate@evma.org to reserve a spot!! If you want to know a little more about the mt biking there, you can visit http://www.allegrippistrails.com/

    EVMA Challenge 2015

    Goal: To get club members more actively involved by promoting friendly competition. They are challenges to make everyone a better rider, get to know one another and our trails, and have fun while doing it. And bragging rights.

    Description: Each month and each season, a new challenge will be presented to the club. Members will use the honor system, and sometimes a witness, to keep track of his/her own progress. At the end of each month and each season, a volunteer will collect all of the results and enter them into a database. Results will be posted on the EVMA website and/or facebook. At the end of the year, during the winter social, awards will be presented for completed challenges. There will be one all-encompassing EVMA Master challenge as well. The club member must complete all 12 months and all 3 long term challenges to receive the Master challenge award.

    Awards: For every month you complete you will get a certificate. If you complete at least 3 months the award will be ___________________. If you complete at least 6 months the award will be __________________, if you complete at least 9 months the award will be __________________, and if you complete all 12 months the award will be ______________________. There will be 3 longer challenges and awards. For each of these challenges, you will receive _______________. If you complete all 3 longer challenges the award will be _____________________. The EVMA Master Challenge award will be _____________________.

    Description of monthly challenges.
    1. January: Ride at least one Saturday and one Sunday group ride during the month
    2. March: Pedal one trail in any of the parks in the highest gear possible, no changing gears (or lowest?)
    3. April: Take a pair of trimmers with you on 1 ride and do some maintenance, or ask the trail captain what maintenance you could help with
    4. May: Fastest lap at new quarter (you have 4 tries/times to submit) it must be witnessed and an accurate time accounted for.
    5. June: Complete 1 feature on C-loop at Freedom park that you’ve never done before (need a witness, picture proof would be best)
    6. July: How many miles can you ride in 1 day? Person with the most miles in 1 day wins bragging rights.
    7. August: Ride all of the trails at Freedom park in one day
    8. October: Ride all of the trails at York river state park in one day (John Blair in both directions)
    9. November: Do 1 night ride at each of the trails offering them
    10. Anytime (will count towards February, September, December): Ride at least 1 trail outside the EVMA System and write a short review for the club
    11. Anytime (will count towards February, September, December) Lead rides at a park for 1 month (Saturday or Sunday)
    12. Anytime (will count towards February, September, and December): Bring a non-EVMA friend to ride any EVMA trail (preferably for a group ride). Let’s encourage others to give mountain biking a try.

    Description of longer term challenges
    1. Ride all of the parks/trails in the EVMA system, including southside (need to complete within a 3 month time period).
    2. How many volunteer hours can you accumulate? Includes: trail maintenance, leading a group ride, manning a table at an event, cooking lunch for a meeting (Add them up for the year!)
    3. How many miles can you ride in a year? Let’s keep a running tally every 3 months to see who is riding the farthest!

    As you complete a challenge, send an email to evmachallenge@evma.org. This will serve as our proof that you completed the challenge. Any pictures or garmin or strava data that you can include would be appreciated, but this is all going to be on the honor system and for bragging rights!

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